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How solar water heating works

Trusted Experience

My name is Steve Cupp. I’ve had nearly forty years experience at repairing and installing solar water heating systems in Inyo and Mono Counties. This is a picture of the basic process of heating your water with the sun.

Here in Inyo county, and any area where we get over 20 days below freezing at night, we must use a drain-back or closed-loop antifreeze system.

With good insulation, you can position the collectors quite far from the storage tank. But in the interest of cost and performance, the closer the collectors are to the storage tank, the better!

I am great at diagnosing 40 year old solar water heating systems. Some I have installed are still out there working well, having saved the customer tens of thousnds of dollars over its lifetime. I even left a customer with a note to “invite me to your solar water heaters 45th birthday.” Regular fluid changes will keep it saving them money and giving unlimited hot water for nearly free.

examples of water heaters

Licensed & Professional

As a licensed contractor in California, I know how to ensure your home and water heating devices are repaired, replaced, or maintained with the highest in quality workmanship.

Grundfos and Taco pumps are what I use. Some used pumps are available for those on a tight budget. They start in price from $90 for a 1/25th hp circulation pump. In a system such as a space heating system that had a drainback tank and heat exchanger, a 1/6 hp pump would be able to push water 30 ft high with good flow. Used pumps working fine sell from $15-$60, depending on the size and age. This system could have eight 4 ft x 8 ft collectors in the array, and could be shut off in the summer when you are on vacation, or when you don’t need all that heat, with no overheating problems.

There are many system types and depending on your needs and schedule example (a vacation house) etc., the best system can be designed to best fit your needs

When it comes to general maintenance, home improvement, or remodeling, I’m here to take those tasks with first class workmenship.